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Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions (ETP) programme will enable electronic prescriptions to be generated, transmitted and received so that pharmacists and other dispensers can dispense against them. In many, and eventually most cases, electronic prescriptions will replace paper ones.  With around 1.3 million prescriptions now being issued every working day in England, and this figure expected to rise by 5% each year, we need to change from a paper-based system to an electronic one which is more efficient, consistently accurate and able to cope with expected further increases in the number of prescriptions. In particular, about 70% of prescriptions are now repeat prescriptions and the new service has been designed to streamline the current time-consuming system used for dealing with them.

Over time, the ETP will bring a range of benefits to patients, GPs and other staff. The extent of these will depend upon individual circumstances but, for example, there will be a reduced requirement for patients to visit their GP surgery just to collect a prescription, saving time for both patients and GP surgery staff. Also, accuracy and safety will be improved because prescription information will not need to be typed in by both the GP and again by the pharmacist and prescriptions will be complete with full details of the medicines being prescribed.

Widnes Late Night Pharmacy is fully compliant with the electronic prescription service requirements and is ready to provide this service to our customers as soon this is available via the NHS.

Automatic Dispensing Robot

Our automated dispensing system means no waiting times for your prescriptions.