About Us Automatic Dispensing Robot

Automatic dispensing Robot

Exactly what the robot is and how it works
The RoboPharma automated dispensing system or ‘robot’ is designed for efficient storage and very fast delivery of over 80 % of the medicines dispensed within the pharmacy. Our robot works with gravity and has relatively few moving parts, making it very reliable. This ensures we can maintain high Standards of service for all the patients we care for.

How it dispenses prescriptions
When the ‘robot’ receives a prescription request from our pharmacy computer system, it will literally drop the required packs from the robot’s channels.

The packs are then transported by an elevator and overhead conveyor system to the correct delivery point – all in under 15 seconds! Whilst the robot is always accurate, we still carry out a final accuracy check to ensure each patient receives the correct medication.

How it improves the dispensing process and why pharmacies use them
The main benefit of having the robot is the efficient way in which it stores and delivers the medicines when we need them. It’s speed means that we have very short waiting times, even at our busiest times, and that we can spend more time talking to our patients rather than having to collect medicines from traditional shelving.

RoboPharma are a Dutch based company who specialise in pharmacy automation. RoboPharma have over 160 robots installed and operate in most parts of the world, including Europe, Scandinavia, China and Australia.